A2Z Services for Immigration to Malaysia

Immigration to Malaysia is more rewarding compared to several other countries in the region. Malaysian government has made migration to Malaysia much gratifying for the enthusiasts in excellent education facilities and unlimited investment opportunities. Malaysian residence visa will be issued under a program called "Malaysia My Second Home" (MM2H).

Only the companies authorized as "MM2H agents" are allowed to provide such services for immigration to Malaysia under Malaysian Law. We are one such company with good track record of satisfied clients.

Benefits of Residence Visa via MM2H Services

Upon migration to Malaysia and receiving Malaysian residence visa, you will receive a noticeable number of quality benefits while you retain your own nationalities. Here are some:

  • You get a renewable 10-years visa for you and your family, which will finally be changed to a perpetual visa.
  • The money you bring into Malaysia will not be taxed.
  • You can import your car or purchase a car tax-free and enjoy other tax incentives.
  • You will be able to invest and own your businesses in Malaysia.
  • You can enjoy a luxury lifestyle comparable to developed countries at much lower cost to you.
  • You can buy world-class properties at the prices lower than other countries in the region.

Our MM2H Services for Immigration to Malaysia

We have taken one step further to satisfy our clients by providing enough services for you so that you feel absolutely taken care of. We are fully aware that immigration to Malaysia, like to any other countries, will involve several other steps after receiving the Malaysian residence visa. We will stay with you to make sure all your needs are answered.

In other words, apart from any other immigration services, we will assist you in:

  • Purchasing cars,
  • Purchasing properties,
  • Enrolling your children in schools,
  • Relocating your household appliances,
  • Etc.

Therefore, we will not say goodbye to you after we arrange for your immigration to Malaysia and provide you with Malaysian residence visa. As a matter of fact, we could be your living source of consultation and guidance for all your requirements so that we make sure you are well established and well oriented.

MM2H is the unique chance of your lifetime for migration to Malaysia. If you have considered moving abroad, finding yourself a second home in a nice country with lots of potentials, there is a great possibility right now. You can simply proceed to contact us so that we know how we can help you.

So, proceed to apply now!